From introducing smartness in the kitchen to motor controllers for a vast range of motors to developing digital signage systems, Sosaley is helping her clients deliver innovative solutions to their customers. Our software and hardware solutions are designed to enhance the features of your products, solutions, and services.

From data gathering to communication to control to analysis on the cloud, we help you move to the 21st century with ease and confidence.

Featured Work

sosaley's battery management system


Sosaley Technologies first major product has now become default standard for BMS in India. BMS acts as proof of our IoT platform’s viability and stability.

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Motor Controller Image


Developed for EVs, domestic and industrial motors, Sosaley’s motor controllers deliver advanced management, GPS, remote control, cloud link, and alerts.

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Sosaley Technologies is introducing one of the world’s most advanced smartECG system. Get a professional ECG analysis at home!

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Sosaley Media Management


Sosaley Technologies is helping a US company marry brick and mortar with one of the world’s most advanced digital sign-age and advertisement systems.

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