The Isha foundation in Coimbatore recently ordered for Sosaley’s BMS. Sosaley installed the Battery Management System to monitor, in the beginning, over 200 batteries.

Speaking on the occasion, Swami Diridapada said that they were satisfied with the performance of the BMS. ‘The product has delivered a number of advantages in a short time‘, he said. He listed the following as positive advantages the product has delivered.

a. The identification of 5-6 dead batteries that were removed from the UPS thus improving its performance.
b. Visible reduction is the UPS downtime.
c. Critical information on EB-UPS cut-off. This has eliminated the physical monitoring that was done before.

Enthused by what they have experienced, the Isha foundation has speeded up its Smart City project. This includes smart street lights and cloud based energy management of all their facilities.

About Isha Foundation

Isha Foundation, founded by Sadhguru, is a volunteer-run, international nonprofit organization dedicated to cultivating human potential. The Foundation is a human service organization that recognizes the possibility of each person to empower another – restoring the global community through inspiration and individual transformation.

The Isha Foundation is headquartered in the foothills of the Velliangiri Mountains in southern India. Click here for more information on the Isha Foundation.

About Sosaley

Sosaley Technologies is a growing company leading in the development of firmware, embedded systems, and other automation hardware and software. Sosaley is led by industry veterans who have pioneered software development in India, and have worked with companies such as Juniper Networks, Citibank, and many other Fortune 500 companies.

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