Mr. Mohan Frick, the CEO of Scandinavian ChemoTech AB is a hard task master. He strongly believes in his company and her products. IQwave™, the Enhanced Electroporation device is breaking new grounds in Asia and Africa. Crisscrossing the two continents at a hectic phase, Mohan continues to impress doctors and healthcare workers with the capabilities of IQwave™.

When Mohan approached us to see if we can handle the software requirements,  we realised the product was critical not just for Chemotech, but was also a new move in cancer therapy.

Jumping right in, we worked hard to understand the requirements, and develop a product that would fulfill the dreams of our client. When we demonstrated the first version of the application, their VP has this to say – ‘This is wonderful. Just what we were looking for‘.

The product has come a long way since then.With full documentation and on the verge of getting CE certification, IQwave™ is the product for skin cancer therapy.

Recently, Chemotech has asked us to develop a variant that can be used by veterinarians. When we showed the first cut of the new variant, Mohan expressed his happiness with just one word – Lovely. A man of few words, I must say.

About Chemotech

Based out of Lund, Sweden, Scandinavian ChemoTech AB is developing products that can provide cancer treatment and pain management with solid scientific base and clinical outcome. The products are designed to be effective and priced at levels to be made available to those who need it. Read more about Chemotech here.

About Sosaley

Sosaley Technologies is a growing company leading in the development of firmware, embedded systems, and other automation hardware and software. Sosaley is led by industry veterans who have pioneered software development in India, and have worked with companies such as Juniper Networks, Citibank, and many other Fortune 500 companies.

Sosaley is working with leading companies in India and elsewhere in multiple domains. Click here to read more about Sosaley Technologies. Read more about IQwave™ here.