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Sosaley has the expertise to work on the whole range of development, right from the hardware level to application layer and user interaction. From firmware and embedded systems, our expertise covers data management in the cloud and on phone, data analytics and reporting, to final user interaction. Our capabilities cover multiple OSs and development environments.

Read on to understand how our technology expertise can help you build the exact solution you need for your enterprise.

For those who still believe in data and spreadsheets, we have included a loooong list of our capabilities at the bottom of this page.

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Sosaley Technology IT

Sosaley has vast experience in developing applications for manufacturing, finance, logistics, infrastructure, health care, and media management.

Today, Sosaley takes that knowledge and experience to the Cloud and Mobility with tight integration from data acquisition to database management to reporting and analytics. With our knowledge on integrating with ERP, we can quickly develop systems to enhance your automation and data processing needs.

With a strong belief in not re-inventing the wheel, we use tools extensively for rapid deployment, reliability, and flexibility.

Sosaley Technology Embedded

We have worked with 8, 16 and 32 bit micro-controllers from multiple manufacturers. We have also built multiple products and our own master controller for IoT. We have built a series of devices that sense, communicate, process, control, monitor and manage, all in real time.

We have built re-usable code that can be ported across controllers and Operating environments. This speeds up the development effort we have to take for specific tasks, enabling us to deliver a prototype quickly to you.

Come, let us develop something for you.

Sosaley Technology Firmware

Sosaley has a long experience of working close to the kernel. We have ported operating systems to new processors, modified their functionalities, and made them behave the way we want. This gives us extraordinary control over the way the processor functions on a regular basis.

In the recent past we have worked with real time OSs (RTOS), stripped them of their default services, and built our own. When the machine boots up, it does exactly what we want it to do. To a large extent, this makes it completely immune to hacking.

We have worked with tiny SCBs and made them work as local networking servers.

Use these extraordinary capabilities to get us to build a system of your dreams.

Development & Process Management

  • Detailed analysis and understanding of requirements
  • Agile, V-model processes
  • Expert code review process
  • Use-Case based test cases
  • Complete UAT testing and test report documentation
  • Version control tools including Subversion and Github

For those who need more details, check out the specifics of technology below.

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Technology Description
Firmware Development System workbench for STM32, MPLAB, Code composer studio, ADSP, MATLAB, ModelSim, Pspice.
Operating Systems Embedded Linux porting and optimization for Cortex M3, A8 processors, VxWorks, uC linux, Raspbian, Real time multitasking operating system interface to IoT platform.
Programming Tools C, C++ and assembly language programming for embedded processors, scripting tools such as Tcl/Tk, Tkinter.
Debugging Skills Logic analyzer, JTAG debugger, USB JTAG interface, WLAN analyser, GDB debugger, SWD for processor, CAN Analyser.
Protocol Description
Wireless Protocols 802.11ac wave2
802.11ac wave1
Zigbee 802.15.4
Serial Protocols RS232,  RS485, Modbus
Memory Interface SD card, Micro SD card, USB Flash
FLASH memory
Network Ethernet
Group Sub Group Capability
Front End HTML execute using JAVA FX Java FX, HTML5, CSS, Java Script, PHP
PHP, HTML5, CSS, Java Script Platform independent browser
Application UIs are built through UI Builders
Communication Client Side C and Java
Server Side C and Java, Easy connectivity to IOT and multiple platforms
Communication Protocol C and Java. Can handle multiple client requests at runtime
TCP / IP – for handling data in transport layer
C and Java
Backend Database Collection framework in Java. Stores data in heap memory of the server
Message handler To handle multiple messages simultaneously
DSR Data Storage and Retrieval
User management API developed in JAVA
Alert Engine, Report Engine
Operating Systems Linux, Mac, Windows
Group Sub Group Capability
Android Android development Java, JDK 5, and Android Studio
Android IDE Android Studio and Eclipse
Android communication Notifications, Alerts, email, and SMS
Android DB SQLite
Android IOT Interface WIFI, Bluetooth, OTG, and GPS/GPRS
Web Development Front End PHP, CODEIGNITER, Yii Framework
Designing HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
Scripting Language Javascript, JQuery, Ajax, JSON
Back End MYSQL, MSSQL 2008 and 2012
Technology Description
Programming Languages Java, Python and Javascript.
Front End HTML5, CSS and Javascript.
Web Frameworks Spring (Java), Flask (Python) and Express (Nodejs).
Web Servers Nginx, Nodejs and Apache.
Database PostgreSQL and Cassandra.
Communication HTTP, MQTT and CoAP.
Development / Build Docker.
Testing Pytest, Robot framework and Selenium.