TCG added mutiple end points of it’s revolutionary display system in San Diego and the Taxquena Airport Terminal.

In San Diego, the the display spans across multiple screens totaling nearly 100 feet. In the Taxquena Airport, multiple displays have been mounted in the main entrance to showcase product and service offerings. These venues are in addition to the innumerable experience venues that TCG already has in NY, New Jersey, Wynwood, etc.

Operating out of CA, NY and Florida, TCG offers exciting ways of displaying product and service offerings across automobile shops, real estate, transport hubs, shopping malls, store fronts and convention centers. Sosaley has been the main developer of the technology needed for the distribution and presentation of media.

TCG offers its solutions as multiple display choices – TruePanels, TruCubes, TruRounds, and TruCharge.

About TCG

TrueClear Global is a US company that has revolutionary technology for marrying brick and mortar with digital experiences. Their technology transforms real estate into experience venues. It integrates digital and social media with physical locations. Companies wanting to use these experience venues can choose the venue, date, and time.

Check out TCG’s exciting offerings here.

About Sosaley

Sosaley Technologies is a growing company leading in the development of firmware, embedded systems, and other automation hardware and software. Sosaley is led by industry veterans who have pioneered software development in India, and have worked with companies such as Juniper Networks, Citibank, and many other Fortune 500 companies.

Sosaley is working with leading companies in India and elsewhere in multiple domains. Click here to read more about Sosaley Technologies. Read more about the TCG project here.

Sosaley-TCG Taxquena Terminal image