Medicall Chennai 2019 was a very successful event for Sosaley.

We were invited to share stall space at the ‘Innovation Pavilion’ set up by DST/MIT. We displayed our wireless ECG (heartTarang™) and the Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Both products were received well at the event and, we were rewarded with a large number of inquiries. Doctors and healthcare professions welcomed the upcoming availability of AED at a price that will enable its deployment in large numbers.

For our heartTarang™, some visitors were, in reality, ready to place orders immediately.

This was Sosaley’s first attempt at understanding the reaction of doctors and medical professionals on the products it is planning to release in the market. We were really overwhelmed with the positive response.

sosaley participating in medicall chennai 2019


Representatives of the Indian government pushed the advantages of AED to both visitors and the press.

“We should have AED at all major public places. But if we have the imported ones that currently exist in the market, the common man who might have to administer it to a dying patient might not know English or understand foreign accent. Thus, the GPS (we have developed) has guided Indian language instructions. The device is very easy to use and anyone can operate it even without any medical training. All you need to do is switch on the button and follow the set of instructions,” explains Dr Thyagarajan. The device currently has pre-installed commands in English, Tamil and Hindi.

A major press release explains about the product and it’s utility. Check out the AED Product here.

Wireless ECG

The Wireless ECG, a product we have named as ‘Heart Tarang’, was a hit amongst the visitors. The device attracted interest as both a B2B and a B2C product. Doctors, hospital, and medical professionals found the product well designed and one that is badly needed in the market. Hospitals, in particular, were keen to get their hands on the product as quickly as possible so that they could use it as a substitute for the holster monitor. Heart Tarang, they felt, could not only deliver on all the features of a holster monitor, it could also offer more features and information flow as it is intrinsically digital in nature. Check out the Wireless ECG Product here.

Overall, Medical 2019 was a good platform to understand the pulse of end users and to get their feedback. We are extremely happy that our products received overwhelming response in the event.

We are now working hard to release our WECG product – Heart Tharang –  into the market as quickly as possible.

Press Release

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