01 December, 2018, Chennai.

Sosaley today handed over the hardware, software, and documentation showcasing the completion of the sediment analyzer project.

The way your team has handled the project is very professional and satisfying“, said Dr. Krishna Mohanarangan, Senior Research Engineer, Process Measurement & Control, CSIRO Mineral Resources, CSIRO, Australia. “The way Sosaley converted an idea into a product and handled the unknowns is encouraging“, he said.

“The product/project threw challenges at us every day”, said Srinivasan, Head Industrial Automation at Sosaley. “At the same time, we were ready to go back to our books, learn and deliver the product to CSIRO’s satisfaction”, he said. “The work done by Siva and Selva were exemplary”, he added. The project ran for nearly 18 months with multiple hardware and software releases to meet the exacting standards asked for by CSIRO.

CSIRO has applied for multiple patents on the product. It has also initiated discussions with the Department of Science and Technology, India. “A government to government association will enable us to bring this and other products to the Indian market, and also look at further development on a number of research work we have completed”, said Dr. Krishna.


CSIRO is an Australian Government corporate entity and one of the largest research bodies in the world.

They invented fast Wi-Fi, Aerogard and polymer banknotes. Today they are helping to find the first gravitational waves in space, growing gluten-free grains, 3D-printing body parts and pioneering new renewable energy sources, just to name a few.

The estimated present value of benefits from their work is around $3.2 billion per year. This is almost three times their total annual budget and more than four times the funding provided by the Australian Government. CSIRO worked with 1750 private industry customers, including 400 major Australian companies, more than 1060 Australian small to medium enterprises (SMEs), and 280 overseas corporations.

Read more about CSIRO here.

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