Irrespective of how much money you spend, a vehicle is an electro-mechanical device that can fail. The last thing you want is to be stuck because your vehicle decides it is time to give you trouble. Sosaley has accumulated 100s of man years of experience in the design, development, and testing of electronics for the automotive industry. The objective is simple – to use our vast knowledge and design capabilities to deliver solutions. Solutions to enhance vehicle safety and reliability, and bring back the pleasure of driving.

What if we can warn you of potential issues before they happen? What if we can warn you of the status of the battery, fuel, tyre, or, 100s of other critical parts of your vehicle? What if your smartphone can do a pre-flight check much like what a pilot does before takeoff? Working with vehicle and auto parts manufacturers, we are today delivering designs for sensing, analysing, and controlling the health of a vehicle.

Sosaley Technologies’ combined hardware and software solutions are today delivering critical cost savings and improved efficiencies in the automotive sector. We are delivering functional prototypes with enhanced features including digital controls, EU integration, smartphone and cloud connectivity, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC etc. Nearly every prototype has either gone or is going into full production. Today, Sosaley can create products that will delight your customers and enhance your revenue and customer base.

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Sosaley has developed a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System that can be used in all vehicles. With special sensors and transmitters fitted on each tyre, you can view the tyre pressure and temperature any time. The TPMS has a small TFT display, as well as an Android interface for showing information on your smartphone.

The TPMS system obeys ISO/IED-61508 guidelines and can be adopted for ISO/IEC-20202 guidelines. Alerts have been coded into the system and the TPMS can deliver both audio and visual alerts. For fleet operators, TPMS can send data to a dashboard on the cloud with vehicle identification. This allows you to call the driver and alert him to avoid a potentially dangerous situation.

Motor Control

Working with LucasTVS, we have delivered a digital control system for BLDC motors. The controller can be used for both accelerating and braking the motor. Using three Hall Sensors to read motor data, the controller uses a six-step commutation logic for exact control of the motor. Ta, Tb, and Tc timer values are fed into the PWM register and a graph analyzed to study the effectiveness of the controller. We have managed to achieve the accuracy required in terms of the gaps between the timings and a perfect sinusoidal wave.
Sosaley BLDC Motor Control

The motor controller is linked to CAN/ LIN bus and can be used in both two and four wheelers. The CAN/LIN interface sends data to the ECU, displays current status, and gets control instructions. The motor controller is also designed to use GPS and other modes for cloud-based information flow.

Battery Management System

Sosaley’s Battery Management System (BMS) works for cars, trucks, forklifts and a myriad other types of vehicles. Sosaley’s carBMS is a popular product that, in addition to giving the status of the battery, delivers a number of other features including engine status and vehicle position. carBMS’s non-invasive 60-second installation and GPS delivers an easy methodology for fleet owners to monitor their vehicles and drivers.

Sosaley Automotive Cloud

Sosaley has also started working on an automotiveBMS for electric vehicles. The automotiveBMS will have easy plug and play connectivity, manage the charging of the battery, and interact with the vehicle management system through CAN/LIN bus.

The Future

Sosaley AutomotiveSosaley is today gaining expertise over the CAN/LIN bus. It has set up a simulation board to test connectivity in the office. At the same time, Sosaley is working with leading manufacturers of vehicles and auto parts to upgrade their offerings and helping them meet the GOI deadline of 2030 for EVs.

With prototype development and working closely with micro-controller manufacturers, Sosaley can speed your digital offerings and get you ready to face the coming challenges. What we develop today for some clients are being evaluated at a global level for adoption across the world.