Sosaley Technologies has delivered several award-winning solutions for data acquisition, control, and analysis in healthcare domain. Our combined hardware and software solutions are today delivering critical cost savings and improved efficiencies in the healthcare sector.

Working with multiple clients across the globe, Sosaley Technologies is delivering functional prototypes with enhanced features including smartphone and cloud connectivity, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC etc. Nearly every prototype has either gone or is going into full production.

Today, Sosaley has taken the next step in this core area. Headed by a Ph.D in Medical Electronics, Sosaley is offering pre-clinical and clinical trials, advanced imaging solutions, and verifiable data analytics.

Sosaley is also designing a reusable high energy circuit that can generate the power needed safely and repeatedly. With our venture into the virtual world for advanced and completely safe patient care, we can create healthcare products that are safe and effective, and will enhance your brand in the world.

Take a look at some of Sosaley’s health care products.

Sosaley HealthCare Poster

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Sosaley Wireless ECG SetupFor an ECG today, the patient has to go to a hospital or a lab. Things get worse if the patient is invalid, needs multiple ECG tests, or, ECG monitoring. The ECG report complicates the issue some more. Printed on a photosensitive paper, the report has a limited life and has to be photocopied for reference. All these add to both costs and inconvenience for the patient.

What if the ECG becomes a consumer item that can be used by the patient or a helper at home? What if the ECG results can be viewed by the doctor on his mobile phone? What if the ECG data is available in the cloud for lifelong visibility and analysis? What if the ECG printing is done away with completely?

Sosaley’s wireless ECG (heartTarang™) delivers all that power and convenience. The Wireless ECG does away with the need for an ECG machine. A low power wireless transmitter, connected to electrodes, sends data to an ECG machine, a mobile phone, or the cloud.

If you still need to print the ECG, you can always use the data received by the ECG machine or a computer. When you assign a mobile phone number, the patient’s ECG data can be sent live to a doctor, however far away he is.

Tested extensively, the heartTarang™ meets all medical standards and generates ECG data with very high accuracy. All ambient and data transmission noise is filtered out.

Sosaley Wireless ECG Specification

Similar to a Holter monitor, Sosaley’s Wireless ECG does not pose any hazards whatsoever to the patient. The Wireless ECG device can support up to 12 leads, one of the first of its kind in the world.


Working with a leading institute in India, we are developing a Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) to be made available as a kiosk. We are incorporating years of research of the institute and converting that into a product that is funded by DST and the state government.

Sosaley Defibrillator Special Features

This project/product is following a two-step process. The first is a desktop prototype that has been completed. The next step is to convert the prototype into a full production model. This is expected to be completed by the 2nd half of 2019.


Working with a Scandinavian company that has extensive experience in cancer treatment, Sosaley has contributed to the release of the next generation of electroporation devices. Designed for treatment of cutaneous and subcutaneous tumours, the device can be used inside and outside operating rooms.
Sosaley Advancing Cancer TherapyThe unique design of the system opens up small pores in the tumour cells. This enables the injected drugs direct access to the DNA of the cells. The whole treatment is painless and time-efficient.

Highly portable, the system offers optimized treatment for different types of tumours. An integrated patient treatment database makes it easy for physicians to monitor patient cure. With intelligence built in, physicians find it extremely simple and easy to use.

The Future

We are today working on multiple fronts in healthcare. From Diabetes to improved angio to reducing back pain, Sosaley is committed to empowering healthcare providers in India and around the world. Get in touch with us today to see how we can work together to convert your dream products into reality.