Product Development Runs In Our Veins

Over the last three decades, the product development legacy of our founders covers 100s of products. In India we have been instrumental in introducing a number of revolutionary products. We introduced India’s first shrink wrapped accounting engine. We introduced India’s first Devanagari Word Processor. We developed a version of Fortran that used up to 128 processors in parallel. We have delivered operating systems, compilers, word processors, databases, hundreds of drivers including printer drivers, and ported systems across multiple CPUs. We have helped literally every hardware manufacturer in India and some International entities including Canon, HP, Juniper Networks, Epson, etc.

At Sosaley Technologies, product development is a passion. In just 24 months we have delivered over 30 products, many of which have gone into production. We have released our own product – BMS – that has seen over 100 man years of development and has become the default standard for battery management in India.  We have also applied for multiple patents including SOC algorithm.

We are working with CSIRO in Australia, and, CEERI and DST in India. CSIRO’s maiden attempt at using an external entity to convert a high TR idea into a commercially viable product has been a resounding success. The product we developed for DST is going into commercial production in 2019 and will be installed in public areas.

Sosaley’s vision and understanding of product development philosophy makes us your ideal partner for product development.

Sosaley Product Development Poster


We folks at Sosaley loves products. We challenged ourselves to take the long legacy of our founders and better it in every way.

Sosaley was set up to be a hardware and software company. We chose a 32 bit micro-controller and spent months working with it to understand how to exploit it. We built a complete IoT system around the micro-controller, and released our own product using the same µC.

We then went and experimented with Displays, I/O, Sensors, Connectivity, Storage, Processing and Control. We even burnt a few flash drives to ensure they work in extreme conditions.

We have taken all the risks so that your development is on solid footing. We are now well set with solid code all ready to bring your product to the market quickly.


From ECG to ECT to ECU, we have developed a wide range of products for healthcare, automotive, industrial automation and other industries. Need we say more?

Ok. We will. Our product development scope covers the complete gamut of product design, development, to manufacturing processes. We have tempted some of our clients to shut down their development team and focus on the market and customers. We handhold you all the way through the complete product lifecycle.

For some clients, we are even looking at manufacturing their products. Marketing collaterals? We will give it to you.

We will even file a few patent applications along the way jointly with you.


Once the product feasibility is validated, we can churn our working prototypes fairly quickly.

Prototypes help us understand the scope of work involved. It helps both of us to understand what product features are important and what can be shelved for version 2. It helps us define and execute lab diagnostics on the product including validating performance under stress and load conditions.

In healthcare, a prototype is critical for understanding and executing clinical trials.

Standards & Documentation

We follow internationally accepted standards across hardware, software, process, and project management. Our Agile project management keeps you on top of what we are doing.

Our documentation is world class. Click on the image on the left to go through a sample and see how well we do it.

For our European clients, we have the complete knowledge to help you get CE certification for the product.

3D Modelling

Sosaley Animation Image

We offer complete 3D modelling and printing to try out the product packaging. 3D modelling helps in fluid dynamics, aero dynamics and understanding material strength.

This goes a long way in understanding production costs at an early stage of the development.

Lifecycle Support

In the initial stages, we can even participate in direct customer support to understand user experience and feedback.

From working on user feedback to planning and executing multiple versions of the product, we help you through the complete life cycle of the product.