With the push for IoT, sensing data directly from passive and active devices has become necessary. Today, people are talking about controlling your environment with your smartphone. And then, of course, looking at what is happening at your home, your factory, or your work place irrespective of where you are. This means sending data to the cloud, processing it there, and sending information and alerts to the smartphone.

Though mobile phone and cloud is relatively easy, Sosaley is working at all the three stages to deliver a comprehensive and tightly integrated solution. We sense the device, talk to it and collect data, analyze the data immediately, create instant alerts and warnings through a smartphone, and then send data to the cloud. In the cloud, our advanced algorithms process the data for analytics as well as creating warnings and alerts.

Move Data Without Loss

When you work with Sosaley, you are working with a company that has experience and control over all three environments. We know what data we are collecting, how we are communicating and moving the data, and how we are processing the data. The results? – zero data loss, and highly accurate results and analysis all around. Data movement is optimized with processing at all the stages to avoid duplication and minimal data movement.

Sosaley Firmware Poster

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Sosaley has been working with 8, 16, and 32 bit micro-controllers and has accumulated vast experience in firmware development. Sosaley has intimate knowledge of each layer of firmware development. It has developed special purpose PCBs for harsh industrial environments that can withstand vibration, high temperature, dust, and moisture.

Read on to understand how and why Sosaley is your ideal partner for firmware development.

Sensors & Sensing

Sosaley Firmware Sensors

Having developed a number of products including our own Battery Management System, Sosaley has integrated a number of devices at the hardware level for sensing and for control & management. We have integrated sensors that can measure solids, gas and liquids including hazardous material such as steam, acid, and gas at high temperatures.

Sosaley has vast experience with Hall-Effect sensors that are used for proximity sensing, positioning, speed detection, and current sensing.

In the healthcare sector, we have used our firmware capabilities to sense heartbeat accurately to the millisecond. In addition, we understand skin sensitivity, blood pressure and other factors needed to understand the well being of a human.

Where needed, we have developed drivers for sensors and other devices to connect them to our systems. For us accuracy is critical, and we have developed our own drivers and functions to achieve this.

Control Management

Sosaley Firmware Controls

Over 2 odd years, we have developed and honed our capabilities in developing firmware for the management of devices. From a simple operation of a valve to managing multiple controls of motors in parallel, Sosaley engineers have tested their code in strenuous industrial environments.


Sosaley Firmware Communication

Sosaley engineers have worked with literally every kind of communication needed to send data to smartphones and to the cloud. In the particular case of Bluetooth, we worked to understand why a connectivity is broken and how to connect it as quickly as possible.

In GPRS, we worked closely with a leading communications company to provide 2G, 3G, and 4G connectivity seamlessly on our devices. We are now working to understand 5G and will be ready with a solution when the protocol arrives.

At the cloud level, Sosaley has developed a sophisticated data storage and retrieval system that is integrated with the device’s GPRS communication.


Sosaley Firmware Protocols

In the industrial environment, Sosaley has developed special circuits and conversion methodologies to understand and read data from PLCs using the Modbus protocol. On the road, we have worked with CAN/LIN standards both to read data as well as talk to ECUs when needed. The same experience and knowledge are used in developing control mechanisms for BLDC motors that will be used in 2 and 3-wheelers in India.

Operating Systems

Sosaley Firmware Operating System

Sosaley has worked with OSs at the kernel level. It has ported multiple RTOS across processors and systems. It has developed specific operating environments for tasks such as, for example, a data entry system.

We have developed systems that use RTOS and RTC for critical applications.