Sosaley’s services encompass application development, and hardware and software products and solutions.

With over 1000 man-years of experience and knowledge working for large and small clients across the globe, the Sosaley team is capable and confident in delivering solutions that you need.

With expertise deployed at all levels and for every task, we start work right from working on an idea, converting that to design, and implementing that design. With our R&D culture, we are open to working on multiple parallels tasks to identify the best solution. For one client in the US, we tested over 50 different SBCs, before identifying the one that was best suited for the job. Special routines were developed to test the systems until they failed.

With expertise in design, UI, DB, cloud and mobility, Sosaley Technologies is your ideal partner to develop systems for the new world.

Beyond delivery, we continue our relationship with unstinting support where needed. With our production line firmed up, we can be your production partner, if needed. Where needed, we set up SLAs and ensure they are met.

Come, talk to us to see how we can work together to enhance your business efficiency.

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