• Can you reverse engineer a product?
  • Can you create a system to hammer infrared at high speed?
  • Can you work on our analogue product and design a mobile interface?
  • Can you take our product and give us a cloud and mobile link?
  • Can we do some serious processing on an SCB?
  • Can you design a motor and a controller for our household product?
  • Can you help us reduce noxious gas in our test room?
  • Can you mount radiation sensors on RVs to go into nuclear sites?
  • Can you design a shoe to measure diabetes?

These are just some of the questions we get every day from clients and prospects. To answer some of these questions, we need a strong sense of curiosity and a never say no attitude.

Sosaley has inculcated a strong sense of research in all its employees. We encourage our employees to think outside the box, take risks, and try something different and new all the time.

This culture has resulted in our applying for multiple patents in the areas of software logic and hardware design.

Sosaley has proven its R&D culture in many of its activities, and some of these are worth mentioning here.

  • A new way of interpreting Snells Law in the analysis of reflected light beams. IR LEDs rays are not coherent in nature and tend to spread and diffuse. Using a combination of pitch distance, timing, and angle tilt, our engineers were able to read the data accurately within 5 microseconds.
  • For another client, we converted a tiny motor into a BLDC motor by mounting sensors on the rotor itself. This was done by cutting out small incisions on the rotor to match the size of the smallest sensors we could get. The sensors were then connected to a controller and the motor was managed with high precision.
  • Completely new logic for calculating the health of a battery. Once the logic had evolved, we had to find smart ways to ‘age’ a battery and prove our logic.
  • Rework on a PCB many times to reduce its size and, at the same time, generate over 1200 volts of DC current for one of our health-related projects. We had to find ways of segregating the power generating area from the rest of the PCB to kill emission and noise.

Association With Prestigious R&D Labs

Our association with CSIRO of Australia, CEERI and MIT/DST in India has strengthened our R&D capabilities. Engineers and scientists from these prestigious institutions have both encouraged us and thrown challenges at us. With CSIRO, we were and are looking at ways of converting what they call ‘transaction ready’ research papers into products that can be mass produced. With CEERI, we are looking at ways of working with some of their prototypes, adding features, and converting them into products that can be released into the market.

We would be glad to look at your requirement, however esoteric it may sound. Come and discuss with us and we will find ways of creating products and services that you can use to generate revenue.

IP Safety

Sosaley strongly believes in IP and the safety of knowledge. All our employees have signed strong NDAs with the company. Your ideas and concepts are safe with us and will never be divulged at any cost.