Easy & Instant Patient Evaluation Wireless ECG

heartTarang_12lead setupWith an ECG today, the patient has to go to a hospital or a lab. Things go worse if the patient is an invalid, needs multiple ECG tests, or, ECG monitoring.

The ECG report complicates the issue some more. Printed on a photo sensitive paper, the report has a limited life and has to be photocopied for reference. All these add to both costs and inconvenience for the patient.

Wireless ECG Flow Diagram What if the ECG becomes a consumer item that can be used by the patient or a helper at home? What if the ECG results can be viewed by the doctor on his mobile phone? What if the ECG data is available on the cloud for life long visibility and analysis? What if the ECG printing is done away with completely?

heartTarang™, the Wireless ECG system from Sosaley Technologies delivers all that power and convenience.

heartTarang™ does away with the need for an ECG machine. A low power wireless transmitter, connected to electrodes, sends data a mobile phone or the cloud. If you still need to print the ECG, you can always use the data received from a computer. When you assign a mobile phone number, the patient’s ECG data can be sent live to a doctor, however far away he is.

Tested extensively, the heartTarang™ meets all medical standards, and generates ECG data with close to 99.99% accuracy. All ambient and data transmission noise is filtered out.

Similar to a Holter monitor, Sosaley’s heartTarang™ does not pose any hazards whatsoever to the patient. The heartTarang™ supports 3, 5 and 12 leads.


Sosaley’s heartTarang™ Snapshots