invBMS has been designed to monitor batteries used in UPSs, inverters, and other installations where battery power has to be converted into mains power. invBMS can monitor batteries from 1.2v to 80V. The product comes with a current sensor that can handle up to 500 amperes.

Built over a period of 2 years with extensive testing and verification, invBMS from Sosaley Technologies delivers tangible and intangible benefits to the users. invBMS helps you run your critical installations without worries of a power outage. It helps you identify individual batteries that are not working properly from amongst 100s that are installed. In most cases, an individual rotten battery can pull your whole systems down. In addition, knowing the state of each battery in your battery bank helps you optimise the number and capacity of the batteries used. This results in tremendous savings on battery purchases. Understanding battery performance also helps you choose the best battery for yourself.

invBMS Installation & Configuration

invBMS is installed as a string that is connected to six batteries at a time. The communication between the data slaves and the master controller can be wired or wireless. Each battery is given an unique ID that is linked to the location where the batteries are installed.

On the cloud, a dashboard shows you the current status of each battery. The moment a battery starts misbehaving, invBMS raises alerts on the dashboard. In addition, it is capable of sending alerts to phones and emails.

invBMS is extensively user definable in terms of its working. In addition, we are constantly working with our clients to understand what their needs are and incorporating that into the product.

invBMS is your perfect answer to monitor a large bank of batteries in any installation. Today, invBMS is monitoring 1000s of batteries in dairies, defence installations, building management systems, and other critical installations.


The Inverter/UPS BMS (invBMS) is moving like hot potatoes! 1000s of invBMS are being installed every month. Clients such as HAP, Hyundai, and Isha are reaping benefits every day!

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More Details

For more details on Sosaley BMS, its features, and other models, please visit the Sosaley BMS page.

  • Monitors batteries on 6 key parameters including voltage, temperature, current, State of Charge (SOC), State of Health (SOH), and battery status.
  • Manage batteries from 1.2-80V and upto 500 amperes.
  • Industry standard 32-bit ARM controllers to provide you with versatility and reliability.
  • Built in intelligence for battery state recognition and comparable impedance readings.
  • Remote access from anywhere through the cloud.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly annual report generation to track product performance and efficiency.
  • Automatic capture and recording of data during float, charge & discharge.
  • User defined alarm limits.
  • Optional wireless battery connectivity.
  • Cloud based dashboard, alerts, and warnings.
  • Low running costs to monitor batteries.
  • Identify faulty batteries instantly.
  • 24/7 alerts via SMS, emails, and missed calls.
  • Optimise battery configuration for all your backup and UPS systems.
  • Get 100% uptime on your systems. Eliminate downtime and failures.
  • Reduce maintenance, shutdown, and other costs.
  • Planned battery purchasing.
  • 2 years of sustained development, testing and refinement. Incorporated user and industry feedback.
  • Simple plug and play.
  • Wired and wireless communication.
  • Proven tangible benefits.
  • Unique individual battery location and ID.
  • Centralized dashboard through secure cloud.
  • Extensive battery, data, analysis, alerts, and reporting.
  • 1000s of installations running successfully.
  • Advanced customer support.