Sosaley Technologies is offering a special version of it’s BMS to work with electric forklifts. Modified to handle upto 120V, the fLiftBMS monitors your forklift battery 24/7 and is designed to extend the life of the battery and save you from breakdowns and losing business. Many forklifts are used round the clock with a simple battery swap. In this scenario, fLiftBMS becomes indispensable to know when to swap the battery and which battery is ready for installation.

The fLiftBMS sends data to the cloud through inbuilt GPRS.

The fLiftBMS handles a battery bank consisting of multiple cells as a single battery. This has been done to keep the costs low. Individual cell monitoring can be done, if needed.

The fLiftBMS can be installed both on the forklift as well as battery charging stations. In a battery charging station, the fLiftBMS will help the operator identify the battery set that is fully charged and ready to be installed on the forklift.

The installation of the fLiftBMS has been designed in a way that it is linked to a battery set. It moves with the battery, whether on the forklift or on a charging station. An optional GPS module on the fLiftBMS gives it location identification capabilities.

At The Charging Station

In general, all forklifts are designed to be multi-shift operational that needs a quick and easy battery change. To make this easy, on the charging station, the charged battery can be identified either through an online monitor, or through simple lighting system that shows charged batteries as green and others as red. Some amount of hardware and software modifications are needed to link the charging rack to the BMS system.

The operator does not have to worry about the BMS. It moves with the battery when he disconnects the battery terminals from the forklift.

On The Forklift

On the forklift, the batteries are usually kept under the driver’s seat. The Sosaley fLitBMS’s small size is an ideal fit in the cramped space. The complete electronics comes packaged in a box that is less than 2 inches tall. The FLiftBMS can also be housed in IP65 or better cabinets to protect from acid and other spillages.

More Details

For more details on Sosaley BMS, its features, and other models, please visit the Sosaley BMS page.

Sosaley fLiftBMS Battery Bank

Rough representation of battery connectivity in a fork lift.


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  • Can handle battery sets up to 120V drawing current of up to 500Ah.
  • Monitors the forklift battery 24/7 on 6 key parameters including voltage, temperature, current, State of Charge (SOC), State of Health (SOH), and battery status.
  • Built-in intelligence for battery state recognition and impedance readings.
  • Remote data access from anywhere.
  • 24/7 alerts, alarms, and notifications to user-defined phone numbers and email ids.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly annual reports can be generated to track battery performance and efficiency.
  • Automatic capture and recording of data during float, charge, and discharge.
  • Fully integrated with the cloud through built-in GPRS.
  • User friendly smartphone App for installation.
  • User-defined alert and alarm limits.
  • Integration with Cloud through GPRS.
  • Powerful 32-bit ARM Microcontroller
  • Designed to handle multiple operations including data acquisition, communication, and data mining.
  • Designed and built after nearly two years of industry feedback from UPS manufacturers, battery manufacturers, and actual owners.
  • Highly secure cloud for remote data access from anywhere across the globe.
  • Ease of Installation. The fLiftBMS is a simple plug and play device. Just takes a few minutes to install.
  • Unique ID for each battery linked to forklift details.
  • Advanced customer support including warranty and free replacement. We provide comprehensive support service along with our BMS solution.