The Sosaley carBMS is based upon Sosaley’s successful BMS. Modified for a single battery, the carBMS monitors your car battery 24/7 and is designed to save you from unexpected breakdowns. The carBMS sends data to the cloud using inbuilt GPRS. In addition, a GPS on the carBMS makes it possible to track the vehicle.

A user friendly App on the smart phone displays battery status all the time and alerts the driver through the phone’s messaging system. carBMS is particularly useful for fleet owners enabling them to track all their vehicles and optimise their usage.

More Details

For more details on Sosaley BMS, its features, and other models, please visit the Sosaley BMS page.

Sosaley Car BMS

The carBMS can send data to the could either directly through in-built GPRS or through the smart phone. Either way, you are always connected and get the latest data from the car.

The carBMS installs in seconds and makes your car smart.

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