The Sosaley carBMS is based upon Sosaley’s successful BMS. Modified for a single battery, the carBMS monitors your car battery 24/7 and is designed to save you from unexpected breakdowns. The carBMS sends data to the cloud using inbuilt GPRS. In addition, a GPS on the carBMS makes it possible to track the vehicle.

A user friendly App on the smart phone displays battery status all the time and alerts the driver through the phone’s messaging system. carBMS is particularly useful for fleet owners enabling them to track all their vehicles and optimise their usage.

More Details

For more details on Sosaley BMS, its features, and other models, please visit the Sosaley BMS page.

  • Monitors the car battery 24/7 on 6 key parameters including voltage, temperature, current, State of Charge (SOC), State of Health (SOH), and battery status.
  • Built-in intelligence for battery state recognition and impedance readings.
  • Remote data access from anywhere.
  • 24/7 alerts, alarms, and notifications to user-defined phone numbers and email ids.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly annual reports can be generated to track battery performance and efficiency.
  • Automatic capture and recording of data during float, charge & discharge.
  • User-defined alerts and alarm limits.
  • Fully integrated with the cloud.
  • User friendly smart phone App.
  • Powerful 32-bit ARM Microcontroller.
  • Designed to handle multiple operations including data acquisition, communication, and data mining.
  • Designed and built after nearly two years of industry feedback from UPS manufacturers, battery manufacturers, and actual owners.
  • Highly secure cloud for remote data access from anywhere across the globe.
  • Ease of Installation. The carBMS is a simple plug and play device. Just takes a few seconds to install.
  • Unique ID for each battery linked to vehicle details so you can analyze and use the performance data to optimize service and future offerings.
  • carBMS delivers quantifiable benefits to everyone.
  • For the car owner or driver, a quick look at the smartphone will tell him how good his car battery is.
  • carBMS can literally predict when your battery will fail.
  • For a fleet owner, a quick look at a cloud based dashboard will give him the SOH of all the batteries on his fleet and the exact location of each vehicle.
  • Fewer batteries to purchase – through extending the service life of the ones installed.
  • Reduced call-out charges – through effective preventive maintenance.
  • Planned battery purchasing – through avoiding emergency replacements.
  • Zero emergency situation caused by failed batteries.

Advanced Customer Support. Warranty and free replacement. We provide comprehensive support service along with our BMS solutions.

Sosaley Car BMS

The carBMS can send data to the could either directly through in-built GPRS or through the smart phone. Either way, you are always connected and get the latest data from the car.

The carBMS installs in seconds and makes your car smart.

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