Karthik holds a Master Of Science degree in Software Engineering from one of the premier institutes in South India.

Karthik has over 11+ years of experience with specialization in all aspects of C++ programming. In those 11 odd years, Karthik had delivered solutions in real-time access and control, multi-level industrial control, financial exchanges, automotive entertainment systems, motor control, and climate control.

Karthik has extensive experience with MATLAB, simulation modelling, and, communication protocols including TCP, UDP, and MIL-1553B. He has directly worked on hardware architecture including PCx86, VME, PCI, PCI Express, and DSP.

Prior to joining Sosaley, Karthik has worked with TCS and Robert Bosch Engineering.

At Sosaley, in addition to providing technical leadership for the whole company, Karthik is also working on developing a general framework that can speed up our development in C++.