Get More Process Data, Faster

Universal Scanners from Sosaley Technologies are designed for process control environment. When a process generates multiple types of data, it is difficult and expensive to define a scanner or data logger to recognize each data type individually. With current capabilities of 8, 12 and 16 channels, our scanners can accept multiple input types and display or store the data for further processing.

Sosaley’s Universal Scanners are designed to work in harsh industrial environments and can accept and understand a large range of process data types.

In addition to a simple seven-segment display, we have now added a touchscreen as an option for enhanced control and management.

Superior Specifications

The Sosaley Universal Scanner uses a 32-bit microcontroller that has been extensively tested over the last two years. It also uses a 24 bit ADC for highest possible accuracy and speed in reading input data. Calibration is performed using the front panel or the TFT touch screen. Set points and other parameters are stored in a non-volatile memory and the data is retained even when the power goes off.

Sosaley Universal Scanner Display

Sosaley Thermocouple and RTDModern Communication

The Sosaley Universal Scanner has a RS-232 port operating at 9600 baud. A USB port provides the capability to store and move data up to 32 GB. We are also working on a wireless version to connect to a smartphone. The scanner will accept parameters and control information from a smartphone as well as display data on a smartphone. The next step is to send data to the cloud for remote storage and analysis.


The Sosaley Universal Scanner can accept signals from 16 different channels. All channels are sequentially scanned and a scan cycle is completed in under 800 milliseconds. When any channel crosses a set point, an alarm condition is indicated on the channel. The channel’s display is flashed, and alarm shuts off when the data goes back to within the set points, or, is manually reset.

Offering and Options

For now, the universal scanner is offered as a populated board that can be housed in a cabinet of your choice.

Two display options are available – (1) a seven segment display; (2) a fully programmable TFT touch screen. If you have some particular option you are looking for, we can incorporate that into the product.

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