In networks, a gateway provides connectivity between one discreet network and another. Gateways are different from routers and switches. They can operate at any of the seven layers of OSI and can use more than one communication protocol. A network gateway provides interoperability between networks and devices and also acts as data translators. In it’s simplest form, a gateway can simply move data from one network point to another, using a communication methodology that is different from the ones used by the network points.

In general, a GSM gateway is referred to one that is used for VoIP communication.

Sosaley’s GSM Gateway, on the other hand, is used for data networks in a factory, industrial, or any environment where you need to link disparate networks. It can talk to multiple networks, get data, act upon the data, or, simply push the data to another network.

GSM Gateway from Sosaley Technologies acts as both a transmitter and a receiver.

In the transmitter mode, it is physically connected to another network such as a Modbus. It identifies the devices connected and reads the data sent by the sensors connected to the Modbus. It also identifies the data types such as pressure, temperature, flow, and other parameters read by the sensors.

In the receiver mode, the way the Sosaley GSM Gateway behaves depends upon how it is connected and configured. In the simplest form, it just pushes the data to Modbus, Ethernet or another network to which it is connected.  It can also connect to a user device such as a smartphone that can use GSM communication. There, applications can present the data to the user, raise alerts, or, take instructions from the user, and send the instructions back to the transmitting network.

The Sosaley GSM gateway can operate on 2G, 3G, or 4G networks. The GSM transmission speed is user definable.

As a modern bridge between disparate networks, the Sosaley GSM Gateway is an important and integral part of Sosaley’s IoT offering.

Sosaley GSM Gateway Photograph
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