Preethi LogoPreethi today has placed an order today with Sosaley for the development of IoT based kitchen appliances. As one of the largest distributor of domestic gas stoves and mixies, Preethi reaches millions of households in India and elsewhere.

Sosaley will be working with Preethi to introduce IoT ‘smartness’ into their existing products as well as develop new products in the future. Sosaley will be using it’s experience with IoT and communication to develop specific solutions for Preethi’s existing products.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Srinivasan, Head, Industrial engineering said, ‘This will be one of the most exciting projects we have ever undertaken at Sosaley. We have to, very carefully, mix modern electronics with complete safety and understandability. The product will be used by housewives speaking 22 different languages, and cooking 100s of different recipes. This will be certainly an interesting challenge to surmount’.

About Preethi

Preethi is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of kitchen appliances with a user base of over 10 million households. Auto-Cooker/ Warmers, Induction Cook Tops, Electric Pressure Cookers and Coffee Makers are just a few among their products to enter the hearts and kitchens of many families across the world. And these are the families that inspire Preethi to innovate. Every Preethi appliance is efficient, contemporary and easy to use. And it keeps evolving to support and often improve the lifestyle of many a people.

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About Sosaley

Sosaley Technologies is a growing company leading in the development of firmware, embedded systems, and other automation hardware and software. Sosaley is led by industry veterans who have pioneered software development in India, and have worked with companies such as Juniper Networks, Citibank, and many other Fortune 500 companies.

Sosaley is working with leading companies in India and elsewhere in multiple domains. Click here to read more about Sosaley Technologies.