IoT is a much hyped up term, sometimes oversold as a magical wand that can enable all your digital transformation needs.

At Sosaley, we believe in the slow and steady process. We developed a system for ourselves and spent over 2 years testing it’s capabilities and removing shortcomings. We worked hard to make it easy to use, and completely dependable. We tested it on thousands of devices and 1000s of hours in terms of accuracy, communication, and other essentials.

Sosaley has also developed a number of other products such as GSM Gateway, Data Logger, Flowmeter, Universal Scanner that are inter-operable and form a critical part of Sosaley’s IoT offering.

We now have brought IoT down to 4 simple steps. These are what we call the 4Cs – Connect, Collect, Control, and Conquer.

Sosaley IoT Circle


Sosaley Connect

Connectivity is the first step. Sosaley’s Master Controller (SMC) can connect to devices and sensors immediately. SMC can send data to smart phones and the cloud. Use SMC to prototype your connectivity quickly at low costs. Get us to engineer a controller just for you.

Sosaley Collect

Use your managers’ smart phones for instant alerts and control. Use the cloud for remote monitoring and alerts. Integrate data to your production, accounting or ERP system. Create dashboards to see how each entity in your organization is functioning with real time data.

Sosaley Control

Use sophisticated WHAT-IF analyses to take corrective action on the fly. Dig deep into archival database for long term analytics. Compare data over time periods to improve efficiency. Identify and plug leakages or shortcomings. Use data based techniques to improve quality and productivity.

Sosaley Conquer

Get data from client locations for proactive servicing. Delight your customers and grab business from your competition. Design new products and services that use smart data and leave others behind. Become a leader in your industry and set standards in delivery, quality, and customer happiness.

Putting It All Together

Flow Stripe imagewhite background


Sosaley connectSosaley connection_strip1


Sosaley collectSosaley connection_strip2


Sosaley control imageSosaley connection_strip3


Sosaley conquer image
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We Have You Covered

Whether it is hardware, cloud, or software, we have you covered all the way. Sosaley’s framework is today delivering M2M as well as enhanced productivity to car manufacturers, rubber factories, dairies, and specialized production facilities. In small steps, we are helping companies pump data from remote locations into PPC and other systems. From production flow monitoring to air quality, liquid level management to pressure calibration, Sosaley is helping manufacturers get future ready. They are today confidently controlling their environment, and making informed decisions to enhance productivity and worker safety.

All in real-time.

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