The Sosaley Framework

Sosaley Technologies is building a complete Ecosystem for connectivity. Devices and sensors, including legacy devices, can be connected quickly and efficiently. Data can be sent to the cloud enabling smarter operations, energy saving, and better maintenance & servicing.

Sosaley Framework

For the user, a single smartphone application manages and controls multiple devices. The application also collects data and keeps the user informed of critical factors. This reduces downtime of devices and delivers more comfort and satisfaction to the user.

For the device manufacturer, our Ecosystem provides valuable data on installation demographics, product performance, product efficiency, seasonal purchase pattern, and other information. Installation data will help you optimize production and cut transportation costs. On-line data from installed devices can help you understand usage and quality issues. With the device sending you data 24/7, you can pro-actively deliver preventive maintenance and minimize downtime.

In other words, you save money on your operations and delight your customers at the same time.

Experience and Industry Feedback

Using industry feedback, we ensure that we exceed the industry standards in all aspects of the development process. The experience we have gained with clients such as Lucas-TVS, Armstrong, Vodafone, and others have been carried back to our product development team. Our clients are looking at using the Sosaley framework as a standard way of connecting multiple devices in their client’s locations.

Sosaley Framework Special Features

Proprietary Cloud Framework

Sosaley Proprietary Cloud FrameworkWe offer an integrated cloud framework. We rely on our own custom developed back-end servers and framework doing away with licensing requirements and potential security threats. Your data is encrypted, secure, and co-hosted in a biometrically sealed facility along with redundancies built into the system for safeguarding against data loss. The cloud can also send SMS/email alerts directly to the service technicians to inform them on the status of the devices.

The Sosaley Ecosystem

The Sosaley Ecosystem has been designed to be adaptable and expandable. It has a data-driven approach. Data is stored in multiple layers – once the data has outlived its immediate usefulness, it is moved to a back end archive layer. That way, the current database is small, optimized, and fast.

Sosaley IOT Framework

The Sosaley Ecosystem has four main components – Message Handler, Alert Processor, Report Engine, and Data Analytics. The message handler uses a combination of push and pull to ensure all data is captured. At both the hand-held device and the cloud, Alert Engines generate alerts based on user settings.

On the cloud, a universal report engine gives you the ability to generate reports on the fly. Once the data moves to the archive, you can generate analytics using the analytics engine. The Sosaley Ecosystem does not use any third party components and is completely IP and license free.