We took a hard look at the available Eco-systems and realized they are falling far short for an industrial environment.

Since we are developing products for our clients, we have the opportunity to work at the hardware, firmware and embedded levels. At these levels, we were working with sensors collecting data from disparate machines on the production floor. That got us thinking. If you are a production manager with a target, would you not like to see the minute-by-minute status of your production on your mobile phone? Would you not like to get an alert on any hiccups or production stoppages?

Why not, we thought, take these data straight to the user and place some power in his hands? Our eco-system is just that – a simple way of accessing data from myriad machines on the production floor, and pushing real-time information to the process executives and managers.

Get Data, Get Alerts, Get Analytics – All In Real Time

On the production floor, our hardware reads data using multiple networks. We then have communication devices that move the data across harsh environments. On the cloud, we have a smart DB that creates alerts when needed. A powerful analytical tool enables you to see what your productivity has been. In between, if there is an authorized mobile phone in the network, we send data and user-definable instant alerts there.

The Sosaley IT Eco-System is designed to be efficient and economical. Do you have one product and a small production floor? No issues, the Sosaley IT Eco-System will fit right in. Do you have hundreds of products and multiple production floors? The Sosaley IT Eco-Systems will scale across geographies to give you the information you need. All at a fraction of the costs you have to pay otherwise.

Take a look at the framework we are developing as well as how easy it is to create an IoT network with our 4Cs.

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