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Australia is a mining country with mineral resources being one of its main revenue generators. To decide where to mine, Assayers have been using human intuition to assess the availability of metals. The assayer mixes ore sample and water and pours the sediment into a glass tube. Shaking the tube at a particular angle, an experienced assayer can estimate the mineral content. Some of these assayers have 30 years of experience!

Sosaley Wi-SEDThe Requirement

Sedimentation process is the way you separate solid-liquid. In a mineral processing plant, this process needs to fairly efficient both to understand which reagents to use and to understand medium-term investment requirements.

The issues with manual testing are a high probability of errors as well as being time-consuming. CSIRO took it upon itself to develop a digital system that measures the sediment and delivers sedimentation data as well as separation curves.


WI-SED is a portable device that uses light beams to scan the sediment and create the needed data for. It tracks the liquid slurry and automatically records the sedimentation curves.

WI-SED generates accurate and robust data that can be used by the mineral processing plants. In addition, Wi-SED enables you to undertake a larger number of tests in a shorter time period. This gives you a larger amount of data that can be analysed.

Plant operators can use this data to enhance productivity and profitability.

CSIRO and Sosaley

Based upon design requirements given by CSIRO, Sosaley developed the complete hardware and fine-tuned the software until it delivered the results CSIRO was looking for. CSIRO and Sosaley worked closely together to develop WI-SED.


For more information on the product, please visit the CSIRO web page.

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