Please fill in the details below so that we can revert back to you for understanding your requirements and giving you a formal quote. If you tell us how many batteries you have and how many UPS, that will help us a lot.

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Important Notes:

  1. Sosaley BMS is a wired cum wireless device that uses multiple communication protocols including Zigbee, Wireless, and GPRS.
  2. The UPS rating is important for us to understand the load on the batteries. This can be measured using a current sensor. Current sensors are expensive and can cost up to INR1500 per piece.
  3. Each UPS, even if it in the same room but connected to a separate load, is to be considered as a separate UPS entity.
  4. Each UPS that is in a separate building or location is considered as a separate entity.
  5. A load is the power consumed by the end devices connected to a UPS. For example, if you have 10 bulbs of 100 watts each connected to a UPS with 12V battery, the load is 1000/12 or 83.33Ah. If the UPS uses a 24V battery, the load will be 1000/24 or 41.66Ah.