Sosaley has been tasked with developing an UI for a ticketing machine that is going to be installed in multiple bus stands in India. The ticketing machine will take all valid Indian currencies as well as pre-paid cards

Instead of working on a fully built kiosk, we are working with the components of the kiosk such as the cash receptor, the card reading machine and the ticket printer. Once all the individual components and their APIs to the UI are confirmed, we will integrate the software. After that comes the full cycle testing as well as stress testing.

It will be fun testing soiled and invalid currencies. The trick is to lay our hands on some currencies that are invalid! We are wondering how to do that. Maybe will just go to a bank and ask for a few pieces of invalid notes. Will be fun seeing the reaction on the faces of the bank people.

All of us at Sosaley are also raiding our personal hordes to get our hands on coins that are not valid anymore.

This is our foray into retail kiosks and their management. The next step is to work on a leaner OS as well as build advanced communication capabilities into the kiosks. We are looking at single board computers such as Raspberry Pi. We are looking at the complete gamut of communication including Wifi, cloud based data management, Bluetooth, mobile money, and so on. Hopefully one day you can block your bus seats using a mobile app. As you near a kiosk, the kiosk will identify you and just print your ticket.

The next step will of course be using your mobile phone as a ticket, and transferring all that to a tablet in the hands of the conductor. Completely cashless transactions. The tablet will identify each seat and each ticket holder to the conductor and will display live information of each bus on a central ticket management console. The transporter will have live data of bus occupancy and accurate data on tickets sold on each bus. When matched in real time, the chances of pilferage and free travel will be completely curtailed.

Today the ticket is used to allow entry into a bus. Tomorrow, the bus door will have a set of lights that are linked to a cloud-based data base. As you near the bus door, if you have a valid ticket booked through your mobile or a kiosk, a green light will announce your arrival. A red light will warn the conductor of a potential ticketless traveler.

At Sosaley, we are excited we are getting into Kiosk management at the right time. We are looking forward to taking India into the 21st century and make one of the most common modes of transport extremely profitable for the transporter and easy and comfortable for the traveler.

Not just ticketing kiosks. Sosaley will be working on all kinds of kiosks including those that dispense medicines, snacks, drinks, water etc. We are already dreaming of ways of making the average transaction in every kiosk easier and faster. With highly advanced communication, the kiosks will talk to each other and the warehouse to ensure optimized stock management and ensure no kiosk is ever empty of consumables.

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