At Sosaley we are excited as we have just started designing a universal scanner for one of our clients.

The client has been getting their products designed by us for production and distribution to their customers. We have already delivered two products to the client. The universal scanner, though, is a tougher task, as a lot of specs are open ended. In any case, we have set ourselves to design a prototype within 4 weeks and deliver a production model in 4-6 weeks in total.

The preliminary specs we are working on are as follows:

  • Fully configurable from front panel keypad
  • Can handle up to 24 inputs
  • Input types include RTD PT-100, (1 wire common for all inputs) 4-20mA DC/ 1-5/0-10V DC
  • T/C (J, K, R, S, T), 4-20mA DC/ 1-5/0-10V DC
  • Input range is 000 to 600.0 Deg. C
  • Scan time is programmable from 1-99 seconds
  • Accuracy expected is +/-0.25% of full span (+/- 1 digit)
  • The scanner is expected to handle induced voltage upto 3V RMS with no effect on it’s performance.
  • We will be giving a simple keyboard for programming. A display board will be available and this can be connected when needed.
  • All features including input selection, range selection, relay assigns, alarm set point definition, scan time, skip options, etc shall be programmable

Sosaley common circuit

Our engineers have started with drawing the requirements on paper. These will then go through multiple internal iterations till the design is approved. We will then go about choosing the components that will be fitted on a prototype board. Once this is complete and tested, we will design the production level board and a complete BOM for production.

The client expects to ship over a 1000 pieces to their customers across the country for uses in various industrial environment. Few of the primary assumptions is to get the Universal Scanner software up and running, to keep the cost of the final product low, and, at the same time, keep the quality high. Will we be able to make these contrary requirements meet? Sosaley’s engineers are confident they can do it.

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