Founded in 2008, Sosaley Technologies is working with customers and partners to deliver solutions for multiple verticals. With proprietary core technologies, Sosaley delivers embedded hardware/software, mobility solutions, and software applications to enhance enterprise operations. One of our award-winning solutions manages tracking and remote data acquisition. Our solutions are always comprehensive and include user-friendly front-end, back-end processes, device development, communication, hosting, and support.

We have built a complete eco-system for industrial automation under the umbrella of IoT (Internet of Things). A number of products have been built using this framework including our own Battery Management System. The product today is mature and is delivering results to a number of tier-1 companies in India and elsewhere.


Led by industry veterans, our leadership team provides strategic direction to the company. Ethics, creativity and dependability have become the cornerstones of the organization. Sosaley has built strong senior technical leadership that leads the development and delivery teams, interacts with customers, and takes complete responsibility for customer satisfaction.


Our engineering team is experienced, mature, and balanced. At the same time, the team is young and nimble to get you to the market ahead of time, every time. We hire the best of breed from leading engineering colleges and give them extensive training. Irrespective of business compulsions, we hire fresh talent every year and help them grow in a productive environment.


Quality is a given at Sosaley. Many times, we have over-delivered on our products and services. Today, our Healthcare Team can help you get a CE certification for your products!

Research & Development

Research and Development is the core strength at Sosaley. We constantly tinker with technology, complex interfaces, processes, workflows, methodology, etc. Add strong domain expertise and, we can create just about anything you want. The confidence expressed by organizations such as CSIRO, Australia, and DST, India, goes a long way in proving that our R&D culture is productive and effective.

Business Development

Our business development team works closely with engineering and delivery. We are constantly looking for ways to provide you with effective solutions and to help you to grow your business. We believe that if your business grows, our business will also grow alongside.

That is why our USP has always been – Our Technology, Your Business.

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