product development

Product Development

Sosaley was literally born with expertise in product development.

The senior management of Sosaley has a long and proven expertise in product development.

Their experience covers operating systems, compilers and databases.

The Sosaley Advantage

  • Extensive knowledge and experience in product development.
  • Prior experience with 100s of products across domains, industries, and development environments.
  • Knowledge across multiple OSs including Linux/UNIX, Android, iOS, AIX, Sun Solaris, VAX VMS, etc.
  • Thorough knowledge of development environments including assembly of specific processors, C/C++, Java etc.
  • Subject matter expertise across multiple industrial domains.
  • Capability to clearly define product features and capabilities.
  • Our own tiny DB to deliver unprecedented speeds for web based products.
  • Knowledge to create products that have high-security requirements in the banking, e-commerce, and other sectors.
  • What About Product Development Status ?

    We use ProjectLibre extensively. When we start a product development for you, we will host the product on the cloud, and add you in as an user into ProjectLibre. Considered to be the best open source software for project management, ProjectLibre will give you the exact status at every stage of your product development. You can test the product at every stage and interact with us live. We respond immediately to your change requests and other queries.