customised software solution

Customised Software

Custom software, bespoke software, or tailor made software is often considered to be expensive, time-consuming, and unreliable as compared to COTS software. If you are looking at a standard application such as financial accounting or inventory management, this could be true. If your organisation is flexible, it might be easier to alter your internal processes to suit the methodology as defined by a COTS software. Of course, the issues of heartburns, internal delays, user acceptance, and other factors have to be handled.

But what if your requirements are unique and you have a large set of users who are comfortable with your internal processes? What if your vendors and clients are used to your reports and management styles? Is the risk of upsetting all that worth it? In such a scenario, customising a COTS software is a long term and often painful process. If your processes can be defined and jotted down easily, custom software is a better option.

What About Development Time ?

Sosaley minimises development time by incorporating reusable components. We use the concept of a software factory that deploys reusable assets:

  • Documents such as patterns, guidelines, and checklists
  • Tools such as designers, wizards, and scripts
  • Tool assets such as templates, models, and configuration files
  • Executables such as libraries, frameworks, and sample code
  • Use of these assets makes our development rapid, predictable and dependable. Add Agile methodology, we can match any timeline you have in mind.

    Do You Use The Cloud ?

    Absolutely. We use the cloud for prototyping, testing and UAT. You can test the software sitting in your office.

    What About Project Status ?

    We use ProjectLibre extensively. When we start a project with you, we will add you in as a user. Considered to be the best open source software for project management, ProjectLibre will give you the exact status at every stage of your project. You can interact with us live. We respond immediately to your change requests, queries, and worries.

    What Advantages Do You Provide ?

    Let us just show you a small list.

  • Scalable and flexible architecture with reduced development risks
  • Service oriented architecture
  • Mature framework and reusable assets for quick turnaround
  • Modern and dynamic user interfaces including, where possible, audio and video
  • Integration to standard tools such as spreadsheets and report writers
  • Interface to mobile platforms for true portability across OSs, platforms, and devices
  • Unlimited database operation and queries
  • High levels of security and verification
  • Robust and redundant backups
  • Next Step ?

    If you are interested, send us an email, give us a call, or just fill in the form here.